Lafayette Regional Airport Opens New LFT Terminal Dr. – Redirects Traffic

Visitors to Lafayette Regional Airport (LFT) are getting a closer look at the future of the airport. A new road directly in front of the New LFT Terminal has opened and it redirects traffic exiting the existing terminal building.

If you are heading to the existing terminal:

  • Traffic entering the airport will not change. Visitors will still take Surrey Street onto Blue Boulevard, turn right onto Terminal Drive and proceed beneath the canopy in front of the existing terminal.

When you are leaving the existing terminal:

  • Traffic will use the newly constructed road that passes in front of the New LFT Terminal currently under construction. The new road will direct visitors back to Blue Boulevard where they can exit on Surrey Street.

According to Executive Director Steven Picou, “We will be making changes to the roadways and parking lots as we prepare for the new terminal. This will provide motorists a first glimpse of the new terminal. We really think people will like it. They will get a first-hand look at the progress we’ve made on the New LFT Terminal as they pass right in front of it,” says Picou.

Just past the new road, the old Terminal Drive will become a two-way street leading to the entrance and from the exit of the Economy Parking Lot. The road will be barricaded from that entrance to Blue Boulevard.  The right lane from long-term and short-term parking will remain open to allow visitors to access Blue Boulevard to Surrey Street. This change will have no effect on the current parking areas.


Picou says the transition should be fairly seamless. “We have the proper signage up to direct visitors where to go,” he says.

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